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Moving Moments

Moving Moments explores the insights and wisdom that energy healer and intuitive coach Karen Lang has gathered since the death of her nine-year-old son in 2001.


Following on seamlessly from her first book Courage, Karen guides readers into a deeper understanding of life and death, revealing how our daily choices can lead us into suffering or freedom. Her book challenges the reader to question life’s adversities, and it offers daily practices to move us through the heavy emotions of anxiety, grief and loss.


Moving Moments is rich in wisdom and spirituality, and delivers practical rituals that bring us closer to ourselves and to the abundance of life.

Her book inspires change and transformation, and this helps us to experience each moment fully.



Moving Moments is the second offering by Karen Lang, and within its pages, the reader will again find the gift of her gentle, compassionate wisdom. Having experienced tragically losing her 9-year-old son Nathan twenty years ago, this volume will undoubtedly speak directly to the hearts and minds of those living with grief. Yet Moving Movements has lessons for us all. It provides practical guidance to support the reader in creating a quiet, still space for silence as well as nurturing a curiosity of self.

Despite the universality of the grief experience, and as a community unaccustomed to interrogating same, Karen’s book is for anyone needing direction to navigate the oft fraught complexity of modern living. 


Alyson Gundry

Social Worker

Bereavement Counsellor

Children's Health Queensland Hospital

Moving Moments is a very personal story about the wisdom Karen has gained from facing her suffering.


Unlike other stories of loss, this unique book of hope offers the reader practical ways to navigate and move through the dark valleys of their suffering and up into the mountains of their potential.

Moving moments is rich in wisdom and medicine for the soul.


Ancestral Healer

Sydney Australia


"I never imagined I would lose a child, and in the devastation of this truth, I did not believe I could survive without my son Nathan. "


Courage gives insight into the wisdom Karen has learned from facing the deep loss of her son and guides the reader to learn how meditation, mindfulness, and yoga, opened doors to find a way through.



Following the death of her son Nathan in a tragic accident, Karen Lang’s life was instantly one of loss, turmoil, and deep grief.


But through courage, determination, and spirituality over the following dark years, Karen managed to find a renewed purpose and meaning in her life, but always with Nathan in her heart and memory.


Courage is an inspirational story of a mother’s journey from utter despair and hopelessness to strength and rebirth.

Tilly Brasch
Author of
'No Middle Name'

Thank you for the trust that you have placed in me in allowing me to read your story—Nathan's story.


I was deeply moved by your writing. What has impressed me the most is the way that you have structured the book and the sense of resilience and hope that emerges, despite the harrowing loss and trauma. 

The way in which you incorporated meditations and mindfulness practices seamlessly into the book makes them more accessible to those reading your book in the wake of their own loss. Your voice is strong and assured in your writing, and you have found a balance between your personal story and universal themes.

Susan Wilson 
MBBS UQ (Hons)
FRANZCP, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist 


Karen is a certified Counsellor, Reiki Practitioner, Energy Healer and Mentor. Contact Karen for prices and bookings.


Energy Healing and Drumming

Energy healing is a holistic non-invasive practice that helps remove blocks of heavy energy and deep emotions in our body.  By gently releasing and moving these blocks in our energy system, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated. Energy Healing will also help you work through any family issues grief, loss or difficult situations with friends.

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Oracle Card Reading

The Oracle Card reading will give an overview of your current situation. This reading will also include practical strategies to create change and structure in your life. 

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A mentoring session allows time and space to share your story and receive clarity and guidance in your current situation. I will give you clear and practical steps to practice, which will

facilitate change.

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"Speaking with Karen is like chatting with an old, and very dear, friend. She’s incredibly intuitive, and you feel an instant connection with her, whether you’re next door or on the other side of the world, as I am. Even better, she has offered compassionate, compelling and actionable suggestions for healing my heart and freeing my spirit so that I can realize my full potential.  If you are looking for a spiritual guide who can help you to be your best self, contact Karen. Your heart will thank you."

— Lori, USA



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Karen’s passion and purpose are to guide people out of their limiting stories and into their fullest potential. As a counsellor, energy healer, and intuitive coach for over fifteen years, she embraces the core values of understanding and empathy in her practice and guides her clients to heal deeply. She has spoken on grief at seminars and has run grief workshops for teenagers and adults.


She has a blog, Living in this Moment, which provides insights and inspiration for our daily lives. She is the author of two books, Courage and Moving Moments.


Mob:  0413 237 604



'I will help you release the trauma, the wounding and the old beliefs that you carry, so you can awaken, your strength, your resilience, and step into your highest potential'



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