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In June 2001, Karen's 9 year old son Nathan, was hit by a car and killed.


Karen shares her journey through grief, one step at a time. Her tragic but uplifting story connects readers to her feelings of loss, and helps them understand they are not alone.


"I never imagined I would lose a child, and in the devastation of this truth, I did not believe I could survive without my son Nathan. "


Courage gives insight into the wisdom Karen has learned from facing her deep grief and guides the reader to learn how meditation, mindfulness and yoga, opened doors to find a way through.


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A Book To Read: Courage


I met Karen Lang through Wordpress many moons ago.  What stood out for me was her immense compassion, kindness and her ability to connect through blogging.  As I got to know her story through her blog, I realised that she had lived through experiences that I never had and that her healing being was powerful.

Recently, I picked up her book finally after many years of thinking I should read it because even though it is sadly about the passing of her son Nathan and the grief which followed, I felt drawn to read her story. 


What ensued was my determination to write a post about her incredible book and her journey through grief after the death of her son.

Because what I found was that her book is a universal healing experience, even though my life journey is different.   I found myself reading and learning so much that I was unable to put her book down until I finished it.  I cuddled on my couch, her book in my lap and allowed the day to unfold as I read and I am so grateful that I did.


Karen’s ability to write as if we were friends, sitting together on a warm summer’s day as she shared her story drew me in right from the start and kept me with her throughout the book as she allowed the layers of her journey to unfold.  Karen offers healing to those who read her book and shares her experiences with honesty, vulnerability and presence.

There’s a beauty within all of us that we can embrace or disconnect from as life’s experiences change us.  It takes great courage to walk our life’s path and to accept and forgive what we cannot understand…and it takes healing to find the peace and love within again.  Karen has done all that and more as you will find when you read her inspirational book of Courage.


I highly recommend her book even if you have not suffered the death of a child (and if you have, this is your time to be supported on the road to healing).  Her book doesn’t need to be read in one sitting either as she offers help after every chapter which also truly aided me.  It’s just that I couldn’t put her book down, but I am keeping it in my library to reread again for when I need grief support.  Yes, it’s truly that lovely of a book!



Following the death of her son Nathan in a tragic accident, Karen Lang’s life was instantly one of loss, turmoil, and deep grief. But through courage, determination, and spirituality over the following dark years, Karen managed to find a renewed purpose and meaning in her life, but always with Nathan in her heart and memory. Courage is an inspirational story of a mother’s journey from utter despair and hopelessness to strength and rebirth.

Tilly Brasch

No Middle Name

Thank you for the trust that you have placed in me in allowing me to read your story—Nathan's story. I was deeply moved by your writing. What has impressed me the most is the way that you have structured the book and the sense of resilience and hope that emerges, despite the harrowing loss and trauma. 
The way in which you incorporated meditations and mindfulness practices seamlessly into the book makes them more accessible to those reading your book in the wake of their own loss. Your voice is strong and assured in your writing, and you have found a balance between your personal story and universal themes

Susan Wilson 
MBBS UQ (Hons)
FRANZCP, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist 


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Karen Lang
Dip. Counselling
Reiki Therapist
Art Therapist
Mindfulness Coach
and Mentor

"When our energy is unbalanced, or we feel overwhelmed in our circumstances, our life vision is blocked and so, I invite you to explore with me the right pathway for you and your unique story, and together, we will find healing and reveal your true potential."

Karen Lang

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Karen Lang

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