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I am an Energy Healer and Counsellor and I have been healing, mentoring, and inspiring clients for over 12 years.  I believe in the sacred union of all life and I am fully committed to your transformation and success.

I offer a spiritual mentorship that will allow you to see your potential and your worthiness. You will receive spiritual guidance, tarot, and wisdom readings and learn how to expand your own intuition and wisdom. 


I will teach you meditation and mindfulness practices that will expand your energy and help you let go of the old patterns that keep you small. 


I also teach you the healing benefits of being in nature.

You will be supported on every level and I will help release the barriers, heavy energy, ancestral wounds in your body, and help your shift the limitations of the past that keep you disconnected from stepping into your abundance. 

When we are open to life, we learn to expand into potentials and abundance that we never knew were possible.  This is the space I welcome you to join.

This mentorship is offered on-line or face-to-face.

I also offer individual 1-hour sessions.

Please email me about embarking on this spiritual journey of change.

Limited spots are available for 2021.


Namaste and blessings


When your truth forsakes its shyness,
When your fears surrender to your strengths,
You will begin to experience

That all existence
Is a teeming sea of infinite life.




Lori - USA

Speaking with Karen is like chatting with an old, and very dear, friend. She’s incredibly intuitive, and you feel an instant connection with her, whether you’re next door or on the other side of the world, as I am.


I have spoken with Karen on several occasions and also had several card readings. In every instance, her observations and insights have helped me to understand my current challenges more clearly. Even better, she has offered compassionate, compelling and actionable suggestions for healing my heart and freeing my spirit so that I can realize my full potential.  If you are looking for a spiritual guide who can help you to be your best self, contact Karen. Your heart will thank you.

Jasmine –

I met Karen 3 years ago through a friend.  I was nursing full-time and after every shift, I felt overwhelmed, anxious, and busy in my mind.  From the moment I walked into Karen's space, I felt calm and safe.  Her wisdom and understanding of my situation guided me to see a clearer picture and gave me the courage to grow in a new way.  The energy healing helped me feel lighter and cleared my mind.  Karen is intuitive, clear, and strong and has always led me to be the best version of my true potential.


Veronica –

“Two years ago life presented me with the biggest challenge of my life. One I really didn’t know how I would ever survive…. the loss of my eldest son. But life also, if you are blessed, presents you with people who will walk beside you with love and encouragement through the darkness of loss. Karen has been one of those people for me. From the first workshop I attended of hers, I knew she was the mentor & guide I needed to help support me on this journey. It has not been or continues to be easy, but the love, guidance, and support Karen has offered me is something I value beyond measure. I truly thank her for guiding & teaching me to find and love my true self, amidst the pain of this loss.”


Thank you for your incredible help over the past years.  It has literally changed my life and made me a strong and resilient woman.  I am much more patient and calm.  You have been such a special, pivotal, person in my life.


“I live in Perth Australia and have used Karen’s long-distance healing and counseling on at least five different occasions over the years in search of guidance when I am ‘stuck’, in need of healing or unsure of my direction. Her ability to intuitively guide me and offer insight into the issues I am facing is simply outstanding. Recently I was stuck in bed with a viral sickness and unable to see a way out. By phone, she led me through insights into the sickness by her use of card readings to understand the energy blockage that I was holding. This enabled me to heal a significant issue in my relationship with my daughter, bringing health and balance again. I have used Karen’s card readings and distance energy healing on different occasions and both have been spot on in allowing me to see my life from an eagle’s perspective.

Karen brings gentleness and strength in listening to her clients, offering love and compassion for whatever their needs or struggles are. She only ever offers her clients space in which to see and heal themselves, allowing them to feel empowered and make choices that lead them to a fuller and freer life.  I recommend Karen’s services for anyone who is seeking insights and guidance to re-balance their life and to be free from obstacles that block our path.”



I first came to see Karen when my family and I were going through grief and trauma two years ago. Since then Karen has helped me to break some deep-rooted patterns with family members, and knock down walls that have held me back. She has given me the tools to find confidence in myself and to value myself more than I have before. Karen is extremely intuitive, invested, and always operating from a place of love and guidance. I have found a wonderful soulful mentor in Karen, for which I feel very blessed” –



Karen Lang 

Mob: 0413237604


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