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Teen Group 14-19yrs

Young Adults 20-25yrs

Next Teen Group Workshop


DATE: Saturday 9th November 2019

TIME: 2pm - 4:30pm

LOCATION: Bardon Counselling Workshop Room



Teen and Young Adult Grief workshops were specifically created for this age group and guides the participants to gain a deeper understanding of their feelings and grief. 


Whether we have faced the death of a parent, sibling or friend, my workshops are held in a safe and calm environment, where expression of difficult emotions is accepted and nurtured.

During the workshops, participants will learn strategies and understandings about loss and grief, through art therapy, group discussion and activities, which opens new pathways of understanding and guides us to discover our inner courage and strength.


If you would like to attend or have more information about the workshops please email or phone

Karen Lang 

Mob: 0413237604


"Thanks for a wonderful workshop yesterday. It feels a bit strange describing a workshop about grief as wonderful, but to be in a space where everyone gets what your are going through is really special. To be with other teenagers who felt the same really helped my fears about going.


Thanks for providing this space to share and learn Karen."


"At  first my parents wanted me to go and although I reluctantly went, I was so surprised how comfortable I felt in this grief group.  Karen Made me feel so welcome and gave us all space to express ourselves without Judgement.  I would definitely encourage other teenagers to go."


" This workshop helped me express and validate my feelings. It was a warm and welcoming group. I was comforted to know I wasn't alone, especially around people my own age.

— Sammy